First idea

Hi readers

My first idea on what to do now, is that I want to se the world, and work different places in the world. One way I can do that is by a bartender school, i can take the course many places around the world, all from big cities to warm bounty beaches. My first choice is New York, I have never been outside Europe, and I have always been drawn to the city that never sleeps, properly because of my love to tv-series. My second choice is London, but it all depends on my money situation.
My income right now comes from working in retail, I have worked in retail in two years both fulltime and parttime, and I can say with 100% certainty that I will not make a career in retail, because damn it’s boring, and you have to put way to many hours in it, for a little sum of money.
Back to my idea.
The bartender school takes 4 weeks, and it should be rather easy to find a job afterwards, and they will help you get one. I don’t even know if I like being a bartender, never tried it, but I like to party so that’s a start, and i will never find out if not i’m trying. It’s not something I will do forever, or maybe not even in many years, but I think it’s a good oppertunety for me to se the world, while making money, and it gives me some time to figure out what I really want to do. And maybe I will have fun figuring it out.
But again right now it’s only an idea, maybe I’ll find something else, wish me luck.