First idea

Hi readers

My first idea on what to do now, is that I want to se the world, and work different places in the world. One way I can do that is by a bartender school, i can take the course many places around the world, all from big cities to warm bounty beaches. My first choice is New York, I have never been outside Europe, and I have always been drawn to the city that never sleeps, properly because of my love to tv-series. My second choice is London, but it all depends on my money situation.
My income right now comes from working in retail, I have worked in retail in two years both fulltime and parttime, and I can say with 100% certainty that I will not make a career in retail, because damn it’s boring, and you have to put way to many hours in it, for a little sum of money.
Back to my idea.
The bartender school takes 4 weeks, and it should be rather easy to find a job afterwards, and they will help you get one. I don’t even know if I like being a bartender, never tried it, but I like to party so that’s a start, and i will never find out if not i’m trying. It’s not something I will do forever, or maybe not even in many years, but I think it’s a good oppertunety for me to se the world, while making money, and it gives me some time to figure out what I really want to do. And maybe I will have fun figuring it out.
But again right now it’s only an idea, maybe I’ll find something else, wish me luck.





Hi readers

This post is a little intro to myself and the intentions of this blog.
I’m a boy from Denmark, i’m born in 1994 and i’m so far one BIG dropout, i have dropped out of my studies 3 times, and have finally realized it’s time to change things around, and not do what other people expects of me.
So on this blog i will try to take you on a journey with me, because i still want to be a succes story. It will be a long ride, and i have literarily no idea where to start, I also have to figure out what my meaning of succes is, but i’m sure that will come.
You are more than welcome to write your own dropout story or suggestions where to start, i’m open for any ideas.

I hope you will follow, and i promise i will try to make my blog look more appealing, i’m new to this, so please be patient.